Our eight sessions cover water, soils , seeds , plants, trees, garden design and much more.​.

Children learn best when their hand are in the dirt. We see this over and over in their gardens and orchards.

When a child arrives at an orphanage or group home, it is not because they want to.


​Growing Wonderful Children, One Garden at a Time​​​

GROWING GARDENS FOR LIFE INTERNATIONAL comes alongside orphanages and group homes filled with at risk children to teach them how to raise food and help them put in organic, sustainable gardens and orchards.  

We launched our efforts in northern Baja California, Mexico in 2012.  There, our beta site is already running fully independent of us and is completely sustainable…children are learning, seeds are saved, healthy food is flowing to the eager cooks in the kitchen and the future is bright…bright as a tomato in the sunlight!  Today we are working at 6 more sites. 

We are a faith based, non-denominational agency which engages with orphanages and group homes of all beliefs to teach the children to see the character of God in their gardens.

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You can feed a child for a day or teach him to grow his own food for a lifetime.

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