our history

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together!

Children give life to all they meet.  It is just who they are naturally and why holding a baby makes you happy.

Come join us on the adventure of a lifetime with children who will bring you joy, peace,and contentment as together God is discovered in a garden.

Happy Hoeing for Him,

Jon and Elaine

Jon & Elaine Stevens, Executive Directors
Growing Gardens For Life Intl.
269 Russell Road
Camano Island, WA 98282-8512

It was November, 2012 when the call came to Jon and Elaine Stevens to launch Growing Gardens For Life International.  A trip to Mexico for a filling in a tooth led to a visit to an orphanage which led to supporters, which led to moving to Mexico the fall of 2013 for the winter to begin the real work.

Starting at Rancho de Sus Ninos orphanage and group home in Baja California on the outskirts of Tecate, Growing Gardens For Life International soon created a strong following among the staff and children. 

The adults saw wonderful changes in the children, improved nutrition, and happier spirits from all the tree planting, dirt digging, seed sowing, and plant raisingIn two years, they became independent...as planned though earlier than expected!

In the fall of 2014, we added Gabriel's House, Rancho Nazaret, Una Luz Encendida, and Sonshine Hacienda to the growing family of sites.

In the fall of 2015, Rancho Milagro and Una Nueva Bethel came on board.  To handle all the work, Jose Urquieta joined the team formally as our first local site developer.  He had been our translator our first year at Rancho de Sus Ninos.  Jose and his family have moved on to other adventures.

Julio Ortiz who was the gardener at Rancho de Sus Ninos has now joined us as Project Manager, teaching children in the gardens and guiding teams from the U.S. and Canada who help build the vision.

What will the future hold?  Many exciting people as we consider a training center for those wishing to take the Growing Gardens For Life International program to more countries around the world. We hope it holds you for it would be a huge blessing to have you part of the family!

Come.  It is never too late to join us in the garden.

A NOTE FROM OUR executive directors