​Gone.  It was there last night but not this morning!  The wind came from the left.

There are lessons to be learned in the scraps and pieces of life.

 Fresh From The Field

February 9, 2017

Dear Friend:

Wind is real. 

It can come as a soft breeze bearing the scent of spring blossoms from the fruit trees at Shining Light Children's Home.  It can push clouds over the coastal hills and shove the rain sideways as it falls on RanchoMilgros de Dios.  It can ruffle the water in the dry riverbed that filled, cutting off Rancho Milagro from the rest of the world for a week. And the wind can come in at 100 miles per hour and blow away a hoop house at Shining Light.

And that is what it did.  At 100 miles per hour, the wind brought the rain but also ripped apart the hoop house, tearing the heavy plastic and breaking 
the curved pvc hoops.  The wind had destroyed.

What do you tell children about the character of God when standing in the middle of what used to be their winter gardens?  What do you tell them about God's love and care and compassion when faced with such a loss?  Was God trying to tell us something or was this the work of El Diablo, the evil one?  How can a loving God allow such a thing to happen to innocent children?

We began by asking God what to tell them.  And slowly, as we listened, the Lord told us what to say.

God is almighty and all powerful.  Our creator is in control. Even in the face of a loss such as this, their hoop house, we can see God's fingerprints of love.  Our Lord
andsavioris giving them a chance to learn gratitude as together we go over this speedbump in the road of life. 

The destruction of the hoop house is actually a gift from God.  God is giving us an opportunity to learn how to find things to be thankful for in the midst of loss. That is the best way to handle loss sometimes.  And so we looked for reasons to be grateful and the shock of the loss lessened.

Everyone was safe and sound.  We still had the wood to start over with.  This hoop house had protected the second one so it was o.k.  We were grateful the storm was over.  It could have been worse. The orchard was still standing. 

And we had seen a bit of the strength of God, strength that is waiting for us when we are weak.  It takes a mighty big God to make a 100 mph wind! And that is the God who is with us.

 We had a great deal to be thankful for.

It will take $500 to rebuild the hoop house.  So we thanked God for the hearts which God will move to become bigger and cover that cost.  We thanked God for all the donors who had made the old one possible.  We thanked God for the good people of Good News Foundation International who were there with us to help us plant and grow and harvest and, when the money comes, to help put up the replacement hoop house.

We have so much to be thankful for. 

We are thankful for you, for your interest and delight in seeing at risk, doubting children learn that God really is a God of provision and love and compassion.  We are thankful that the storms of life do pass 
and tranquility comes again.  And we are thankful that we can be part of teaching gratitude to these small people.

It is an honor to serve.  Drums roll and bugles blow when politicians and preachers honor those who have served their country, be it the United States or Mexico or any country. 
However, the music of honor for those who serve in the silent but violent fields of human loss and sorrow and struggle does not come from drums and bugles played by human hands.  It comes in the winds from the Almighty.

We pray that in your life, you will have the opportunity to hear more of that celestial music, the music of joy which comes from praying and giving and living lives of kindness. It may come in a storm or on a soft breeze, but those who serve and 
give of their lives to others will hear it and know that God truly does love them all.

May God hold us all in the hollow of his mighty hand as together we work with gratitude on building his kingdom from the scraps of hope we find here.

Happy Hoeing for Him,

Julio, Jon, Elaine, Roger, Velma, Gene, and Venora who are your missionaries to the at risk children of Mexico and the world

Note: If you want to give towards the new hoop house, just write Hoop House in the memo line on your check.  If we get oversubscribed to it, the extra will be used for tools and other needs.

During a break in the storm and when the river was ¼ full, it was fun