The Children
When a child arrives at an orphanage or group home, it is not because they want to.  They are there because where they were was not safe.  But they are entering a new life which they share with many other children who have had the same experiences. 

The sites where Growing Gardens For Life International is working have from 20 to 50 children.  Many live there until they turn 18.  Others are blessed with a healed family and can return to their family of origin but take with them the lessons of how to raise healthy food and the love of God for them.  About 10% are true orphans, without any parent at all.  The rest are “functional orphans” because their families are dysfunctional.

As we spend time with them in the classes, we see shy smiles and sideways glances become laughter and dancing eyes.  In the gardens, their eyes open in awe at how God has created a world which will care for them if they care for it.  We see their bodies strengthened as the good food they raise fills them with the vitamins and minerals they need for growth.  But most importantly, we see them learn about the character of this God who loves them and they soon understand that they are His child and are loved.

Their gardener is there to teach it as well, for there are new children arriving who need to be brought up to speed!